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Smoke detector

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Detector inteligente

de humo

Stay alert

In case of fire the detector will activate an 85 db alarm that can be audible within a range of approximately 20 square meters in addition, it will send a notification alerting users with whom you share the device.

Mantente alerta

En caso de incendio el detector activará una alarma de 85 db que puede ser audible en un rango aproximado de 20 metros cuadrados además, enviará una notificación alertando a los usuarios con los que compartes el dispositivo.

Keep records of events

Check from the application if the detector has been activated, consult the battery level and share the control with other users.

Lleva el registro de eventos

Desde la aplicación revisa si el detector se ha activado, consulta el estado de la batería y comparte el control con otros usuarios.

Create routines that will run automatically

Link your Lloyd’s devices through the App to trigger smart actions, such as turning on the light bulb model LC-1192 in red when detecting smoke.

Quick and easy set-up

Use a 2.4G WiFi network to set it up. Download the “TuyaSmart” App to your Smartphone and follow a few simple steps.



Wireless function.


Receive notifications on your Smartphone when smoke is detected.


Share the control of your device with friends and family.

Technical specifications



Power supply


Detection area

Electrical power

Main functions


85 dBm

1 CR123A battery of 3 Vcc

IOS / Android

20 square meters

Stand By mode: <15uA

Smoke detection / 85 dBm alarm / send notifications to users’ Smartphone / create routines that run when smoke is detected, such as closing the gas valve / keep record of the events history

Especificaciones técnicas




85 dBm


1 batería CR123A de 3 Vcc


Sistema operativo IOS y Android

Área de detección

20 metros cuadrados


En modo Stand By: <15uA

Funciones principales

Detección de humo / alarma de 85 dBm / envío de notificaciones al Smartphone de los usuarios / crea rutinas que se ejecutan al detectar humo, como cerrar la válvula de gas / lleva registro del historial de eventos

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