Connect with your home

Imagine coming home to a pleasant scent, the proper lighting, and a cozy atmosphere. All this and more becomes possible with Lloyd’s.

Experience the smart home

Tour and play in every room of the smart home.
Have fun learning about Smart solutions for a simpler and more comfortable lifestyle.

Everything from a single App

Control your home from your Smartphone with Lloyd’s products.
You can control lighting, monitor your home, turn on/off other devices, and much more!

Are you worried about your security?

At Lloyd’s, we have a wide variety of devices that will help you protect what you love from wherever you are.
Keep an eye on your home’s surroundings with IP cameras, find out who is at your door with a video doorbell, and stay alert with our sensors and alarms.

A pleasant stay

Automate all your activities with our products.
Simplify your lifestyle and make it more comfortable with Smart solutions for your entire home.

Save energy

Control the performance of your smart devices. Set on/off schedules for lights and other electrical appliances to save energy.

The best lighting for your spaces

With Lloyd’s LED lights and spotlights, you create the ideal ambiance for every moment.
You can control the color, brightness, and intensity of the light to create a space full of harmony in all your rooms.


We have the integrated technology ideal for you!

Take care of what you love from wherever you are.

Having an IP security camera will allow you to visualize in real-time what happens in your home.
Do not miss anything that happens in your house, and keep an eye on it from your smartphone.

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Make your home smart with Lloyd’s