Illuminate your favorite spaces

Smart lamp

Multicolor light

Ilumina tus espacios preferidos

Lámpara inteligente

Luz multicolor

Control from your Smartphone

Choose the color, brightness and intensity of the light through your Smartphone, and create a pleasant atmosphere in your rooms.

Controla desde tu Smartphone

Elige el color, brillo y la intensidad de la luz desde tu Smartphone y crea una atmósfera agradable en tus habitaciones.

Use voice commands

Control the lighting with voice commands through Google or Amazon Alexa smart assistants.

Quick and easy set-up

Use a 2.4G WiFi network to set it up. Download the “TuyaSmart” App to your Smartphone and follow a few simple steps..



Wireless function.

Compatible with voice commands

Use the smart assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control it through voice commands.


Share control of your device with friends and family.

Technical specifications


Power supply


Virtual assistants

Main functions


Included 3.7 VDC 1200 mAh rechargeable battery

IOS / Android

Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa

Turn on and off from wherever you are through your Smartphone / regulate the brightness / choose the temperature and color of the light / control with voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants

Especificaciones técnicas




Batería recargable integrada de 3,7 Vcc 1200 mAh


IOS / Android

Asistentes virtuales

Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa

Funciones principales

Enciende y apaga desde donde te encuentres con tu Smartphone / regula el brillo / elige la temperatura y el color de la luz / controla con comandos de voz con los asistentes virtuales de Amazon Alexa y Asistente de Google

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