Forgot to turn off your electrical appliances?
Turn them off remotely

Set of 3 Wi Fi

Smart plugs

Easy to use

Connect the smart plug to the power supply and start using it.

Program usage schedules from the app

Turn on your electrical appliances in the morning, and don’t worry about turning them off when leaving the house.

Control with voice commands through virtual assistants.

Link the “Lloyds Smart” App with Google or Amazon Alexa virtual assistants so you can turn your equipment on and off with voice commands.

Quick and easy set-up

Use a 2.4 GHz WiFi network to set up the smart plug, and locate the on/off button. Download the “Lloyds Smart” App on your smartphone and follow a few simple steps.



Power indicator LEDs


NO HUB required


Create groups of contacts


Program multiple schedules

Turn on

Turns on or off remotely


Share control of your device with family members.

Technical specifications


Power supply


Virtual assistants

Main functions


Input: 125 V~ 60 Hz 1875 W 15 A Salida: 125 V~ 60 Hz 1875 W 15 A

IOS / Android

Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa

Control remotely from your Smartphone / schedule on/off times / supports multiple users / control by voice commands with virtual assistants

Available at

Make your home smart with Lloyd’s.