Watch, listen and talk to your visitors from wherever you are.

Smart video door phone

Mira, escucha y habla con tus visitas desde donde te encuentres.

Video interfón inteligente

Receive notifications on your Smartphone

Whether it’s for motion detection or because someone knocks on the door, get a notification on your phone and see what happens.

Recibe notificaciones en tu Smartphone

Ya sea por detección de movimiento o por que alguien llama a la puerta recibe una notificación en tu celular y mira lo que sucede.

Communicate with your visitors

Answer the door even if you’ re not at home. You can talk from the App to give directions to your visitors.

Watch your entrance

Link your smart devices through the App and turn on lights or set off alarms when the video door phone detects movement.

Quick and easy set-up

Use a 2.4G WiFi network to set it up, and locate the restart button. Download the “TuyaSmart” App on your phone and follow a few simple steps.


Two-way audio

Listen and speak through the device.

Night vision

See what happens even in poorly lit environments.

FULL HD Resolution

Take high-quality pictures and video.

Vision angle

Wide vision angle of 166°.


Save to memory card or to the Cloud.

Motion detection

Receive notifications when the camera detects movement.

Technical specifications



Power supply




Main functions


Full HD 1080P

Video Door Phone: 5 Vcc 1,5 A (It uses 2 rechargeable batteries of 3.6 Vdc each included)
Adapter ca/cc:
Inout: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz 0,3 A Output: 5 Vcc 1500 mA

IOS / Android

166º angle

SD memory card up to 64GB (not included) / Cloud service (subscription required)

Live broadcast / remote monitoring / night vision / two-way audio / motion-detection notifications

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