Currently, the internet, new technologies and smart devices have had an impressive impact, it is noteworthy that the pandemic has helped a lot to make this happen, being so much time in our homes gave rise to large technology companies realized that a simple device could become something even more useful for the user, this was called intelligent devices and hence came the concept of the internet of things, But what is the IoT? its acronym stands for Internet of the things, it refers to a digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet, the user’s need for speed, saving time on certain tasks and wanting to be in different places at the same time has made this concept a reality.


Creating routines that make your day easier has been one of the mottos of these smart devices, living with the peace of mind of being able to keep an eye on your home while you are away, to visit your loved ones as many times as you want without any worry or to monitor the ones you love the most from wherever you are, today is a fact that is helping thousands of people around the world, Who would have thought that someday we could remotely visualize our homes and above all create programming routines of our devices such as lights, television, doors, speakers, among many others through an app or voice commands, that five years ago was impossible and today is a reality that year by year is growing more and more.


The internet of things has constituted a radical change in the quality of life of people offering a wide variety of solutions based on different technologies, coupled with a lot of benefits and new opportunities such as access to data, educational services, food, business, security, health care and transportation among many others. Undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic has made the world advance by leaps and bounds in most of the sectors that surround us, the automation and speed of processes, the reduction of production and operational costs to improve the user experience, are the main benefits of this technology, but above all the creation of new market and business opportunities after these crises, the pandemic has been something that has impacted the world negatively, but we believe it has had some technological benefits that we must highlight.


Edgar Alfaro