Nowadays, technology has taken giant steps, steps that have helped us to make our life more practical and simple, in recent years this technology has come to our home to make it more dynamic, practical and above all safe.

If we talk about the advantages of having a smart home, the one that stands out above the rest is security, but why? To begin with, security is an issue that concerns us and that is why the different companies that create this type of devices have focused on that point, on creating safe spaces for you and your family with the help of cameras, motion sensors, locks, water and gas detectors, alarm systems, among many others, all these devices strategically placed can make your home a safe place for everyone who lives there.

In addition all these smart devices can be controlled from a single App, which will help you monitor and watch over your loved ones from wherever you are through your Smartphone, each device will send a notification to your cell phone the moment it detects something irregular inside or outside your home, for this to be so all you have to do is download the App and create routines that trigger intelligent actions such as, for example: With the sensors for doors and windows you can create an action in which at the moment it detects the opening of these, the alarm system is triggered or with the motion sensor creates an action in which at the moment in which it detects a different or abnormal movement the light is turned on through the smart bulbs either outside or inside, these are just some examples, but there are endless possibilities to make your home a safe place, it should be emphasized that all these actions are previously configured from the app, so from now on you can leave your home without worries.

Edgar Alfaro