If you are wondering, “Can I turn my whole house into a smart home? The answer is yes, but how? To begin with we can tell you that you do not require a large investment to make this possible and if you think you will need to hire someone to help you install this type of devices, you are wrong. Each of the devices or Gadgets are designed for quick and easy installation, so you will not need any technician and its configuration is just as simple so you should not have any problem.


Today we know that most electrical devices can be controlled by an App or with the help of virtual assistants such as: Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri, depending on the product and / or brand, thanks to this you can perform several tasks at the same time, creating routines that trigger intelligent actions, also one of the great benefits of these devices is that they will help you reduce the consumption of water, electricity and gas and improve the safety and comfort of your home, for all this to be possible and enjoy your smart home without any problems, you must have a stable Wifi network that covers your entire home.


To start making your home smart you can start buying 1 to 2 lights and 1 to 2 contacts to familiarize yourself with the devices and the operation mode of the App. You can get these devices or Gadgets in specialized technology stores, self-service and department stores or platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre. Once you have them, it is time to install them, before doing so we recommend you to carefully read the user manual and then download the App that they indicate. Most of them are very easy to program and install, but if there is any problem, all devices have specialized service centers where they can solve your doubts.


There are a wide variety of smart products to create your smart home, everything will depend on your needs and the tasks you perform every day. As you can see, making your home smart is not as complicated or expensive as you think, so don’t wait any longer and make your home smart.


Edgar Castañeda