At the beginning of the year CES took place, the largest technology fair in the world, due to the new strain of Covid-19 large companies canceled their attendance, but the Mexican company Lloyd’s did not give up and was present at this great event. The company is currently developing around 70 products, including light bulbs, contacts, cameras, coffee makers, switches, among many others, all focused on the Smart Home category. It is worth noting that Lloyd’s was one of the first companies to enter the smart home market, “We were the first retail company in IP in Mexico, when they needed another type of connectivity. Since that time we knew we wanted to start providing solutions by using a computer to monitor, but formally smart home solutions took about five years and the first steps we took were difficult because, for example, each product had its mobile app “said the CEO of Lloyd’s, Salomon Saad – Director General.

One of the most important milestones for the company, curiously enough, was the pandemic by Covid-19 and the arrival of Alexa and Google Assitant smart assistants, “One of the most important triggers for them to push smart homes was Alexa and Google. That was in January 2019, where they helped us tremendously to go down a path. People buy the assistant and besides it telling a joke, they wonder what else it can do. Our products sync with them, but they also work independently, so it’s a plus that you can use them with voice commands, when they come in they give us a very strong push. Before the pandemic we were growing, but during the pandemic it also gave us a boost we didn’t expect,” said Karen Kurtz – Commercial Director.

There are currently 11 million people in Mexico who use an intelligent device in their homes, so the Smart Homes market in the country is 976.96 million dollars, making it a market worth exploiting. That is why the Mexican company Lloyd’s wants to expand to the United States and Canada and offer them its products, which are divided into four categories: security, comfort, lighting and energy. “For us it is important to develop for each of the categories, so that a complete integration is made in each home. Each of Lloyd’s products aims to make your day-to-day life easier,” said Saad.

The door to the future opens endless possibilities and benefits for society and the opportunity to give a completely smart home are multiplying thanks to the technological advances that companies make year after year. Lloyd’s is a company that has been in the electronics market for more than 30 years and with their foray into smart homes in 2017, they took a big step into the technology community, even though they had some challenges to overcome in recent years, among them the closure of many stores in the region with which they have alliance as was the case of RadioShack and Best Buy, RadioShack on the one hand has been able to maintain its operations in the region despite the ravages of the pandemic by Covid-19 and on the other hand Best Buy had to close operations in Mexico due to the situation experienced worldwide, thanks to this the company realized that online sales were booming and without realizing it, online sales were representing a high percentage of sales, Lloyd’s year after year has wanted to innovate in new technologies and apply them to smart products, in the last edition of CES, the company presented its new developments for this 2022, The Smart Control Shower and the Smart Shower Wall, The Pet Feeder, The Smart Toilet and the Gesture Sensor Prototype, among many others, expect them soon and thanks to all who visited us at CES, see you next year.

Edgar Alfaro.


Lloyd ́s año con año ha querido innovar en nuevas tecnologías y
aplicarlas a productos inteligentes, en la última edición del CES, la
empresa presentó sus nuevos avances para este 2022, el Smart Control
Shower y la Smart Shower Wall (Regadera y pared inteligente), The Pet
Feeder (El Alimentador para mascotas) The Smart Toilet (El WC
Inteligente) y el Prototipo de Sensor de Gestos, entre muchos otros,
espérenlos pronto y gracias a todos los que nos visitaron en el CES, nos
vemos el próximo año.
Edgar Alfaro