The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 has ended. It was a true privilege for Lloyd’s to reach its fifth consecutive participation in the greatest technology fair in the world. Because here is where people can see the fruits of efforts, the growth due to decades’ of hard work, and the achievement of various goals; born from the dreams planted more than 30 years ago.

Also, being the only Mexican company present in this event translates into great satisfaction and an indescribable honor for Lloyd’s team. And if that was not enough, our evolution reflected at this CES edition as up to this day, we are found throughout the whole American continent since we have a presence both in Mexico, Latin America, and all of North America.

But that is not all. This CES edition witnessed the introduction of our new solutions to create Smart homes around the world, such as the new line of door locks, aroma diffusers, the last generation’s illumination systems, or the electrical power controller modules for the houses of the present and near future.

And this is just the beginning. At Lloyd’s, our focus is not only on illuminating your home or making it more comfortable and safe. We also take care of our clients’ economy, using low consume LED technology and distributing our products globally with the best prices in the market. Thus, contributing to creating a promising future where energy saving becomes a reality and the house’s modernization is available to everyone.




Statista reports that the number of houses with Smart solutions will reach 480 million in 2025, and in monetary terms, this sector will grow to 182 billion dollars. Hence, we bet on the potential of this market; without doubt, we are living and participating directly in the houses’ transformation and revolution, places of work, public spaces, and in general, daily life..




In addition, we are certain that 5 of every 10 Mexican houses are becoming Smart homes through devices with voice assistants (according to the data obtained by the consultant Qualtrics). It is a phenomenon of which we are part.

As we know, the CES is the technology fair where the whole world can see, in the first line, the innovations that will change billions of people’s daily life. They will shape the near future and lay the first stones of new realities for the next generations.

For our part, we can assure you one thing: Lloyd’s will be there, inventing, impulsing, and innovating. Will continue on the way started in 1991: the one of effort, vision, growth, creation, and hard work, the transformation’s way.


Arturo Bárcenas