IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are video surveillance devices that allow you to monitor your home or business by connecting directly to the Internet.

This type of cameras are specially designed to send video and audio over the internet with the help of a router or through a local network to be able to monitor live from anywhere in the world through any computer that is connected to the internet, the easiest way is through a Smartphone.

For IP cameras to work properly you must have a stable internet connection. Depending on the brand, each device is configured differently, but the most common is to do it through an App from your Smartphone.

Once you have purchased your IP camera, you must take into account (very much into account) security. Let’s see how to make your camera secure:

Software update. Your camera software will require an update from time to time, so you have to verify that it is always up to date.
Password settings. Always set up access to your camera with a password. When setting it, choose an option with more than 8 characters, a number and a special character.
Use a secure Wi-Fi connection. This is extremely important, because if you connect to an unknown network or an open network, it is possible for anyone to access the data and images from your camera.

To convince you, here are 5 benefits of IP cameras:

1. Image and video capture in high definition.

2. Continuous monitoring through your Smartphone.

3. Night vision and motion detection.

4. They are much more practical and also, you can record in the cloud and always have at hand what your camera captures.

5. Direct access from anywhere in the world.

So why are IP cameras the best?

These cameras have a small infrastructure, easy installation and configuration. They offer a very user-friendly security solution, as they do not require additional cables like CCTV systems do, you can easily expand the network at any time by adding the IP cameras you need, and create secure spaces in your home or business, follow us on Instagram @lloyds._ for more information.