The homes of the future are here and now, who would have thought that Robotina would come to life in more than one smart item to help us with some activities, but you think that creating a smart home is complicated? Wrong! Making an investment to make our activities easier is within everyone’s reach and with Lloyd’s it’s time to take that first step to your new smart home.

Let’s start by defining some “why’s” of making a Smart Home. The purpose of automation is to have total control of every space from wherever you are, that is, to turn off the lights when you sleep, activate the locks when you leave or allow someone to enter by remote control and have your coffee ready in the morning automatically!

For this, it is necessary that they are perfectly connected to each other, which with Lloyd’s is extremely simple, and thus, you consider important points of a smart home:

Because it provides comfort. It makes it easier to do more than one activity when what matters most is time, so your only concern in the day will be what will you wear today?
Because it provides security. Going out without worries is possible! With a routine, the surveillance of your home is at your fingertips.
Because it takes care of your health and well-being. Having remote control of several items will help you take care of your health, important at all times, don’t you think?

Smart routine to maintain the climate at home, what do I need?

The times are approaching where the day seems like a roller coaster, it gets cold at dawn, hot in the afternoon and at night brrr! cold again. With these ups and downs of the weather we are more prone to suffer illnesses caused by temperature changes. The best thing to do is to anticipate these changes by creating routines in no time at all, such as the smart heater routine:

Forget the cold weather at home for not being at home all day, from your app you can regulate the ideal temperature, plus its timer will be your ally to avoid overheating or higher energy expenditure.
Would you like to make it even easier? Activate the warm weather before entering the house with the WiFi lock! This will turn on the heater when you open the door and will even turn on the lights to welcome you with the warmth of home.
An important and strategic point are the places where drafts arise, so in your smart routine include the magnetic sensor in windows, because when you open them, it will activate the intelligent heater so that the temperature remains as it should be.

The option to control the temperature of your home by learning from your habits and do it autonomously is just one example of the multiple routines you can create with Lloyd’s making your items work together, because its automation system allows you to work with different platforms from a mobile device or even with devices that include voice command system, check it out!

Thanks to Lloyd’s technology those objects that seemed to belong only to the future, every day are closer to us so if you are thinking of having a smart home, you should definitely consider the products that you have at your fingertips to make your home a Smart Home, do it little by little and check that the remote control does not necessarily have to be at home, make your home smart with the help of Lloyd’s.